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 Who Is The Right?: T Padmajan, MD, Archives Constructions
(Published Date :Sat 26 Mar 2011)

Except the beauty, Kerala is also known for its highly educated people. But beneath this, there is some startling reality. T Padmajan, MD, Archives Constructions Pvt Ltd, is revealing some facts in real estate business while speaking to Jessy Shibu, Associate Editor, The Realbiznews.

Even when I stepped into the office of Archives constructions Pvt Ltd, my mind was preparing some unique questions to be answered from T Padmajan, the MD of the company. However, he was not ready to sway even a bit from one subject. That is the non availability of skilled labour both in working side as well as in service industry. Though he placed lots of ads in mainstream newspapers and he received plenty of applications also, he couldn’t find out even a single person whom he can bestow the responsibility.

Jumping from one company to another is the major problem the companies are facing now. “The employees are not ready to stick on in one company. If they are offered a few hundreds more, they jump from the company then and there even without informing us. The biggest problem the employment sector in Kerala is facing is the non-availability of skilled labours. They are not ready to learn. The technology has changed them the lazy employees. Many of them are coming with more than one mobile phone. There is no time for doing their duty after their personal talks. So, the latest communication gadgets have become the major villain in the employment sector,” Mr Padmajan said.

It seems that the education system prevailing in the state has some problem. Many have complaint that the education is not career oriented. The students do not have a passion to select a profession. Instead, they choose one, which he get more salary and career opportunities. In such cases, they do their work merely for salary. There will not be any dedication for the work they are doing. Whenever a person enjoys their work, then only he can deliver his best.  

“Though all are talking about industrialisation and business, it is restricted only in the top level. There are lots of people who are ready to invest here. But they are getting negative response from all sectors. Then how we can attain development? No one is positive, all are guided by negative mentality. A generation is growing here without having dedication to their work. All are seeking for earning easy money. Today feudalism is prevailing in democracy. People are short tempered and short gained. These are the biggest headaches the employment sector is facing today. It is high time to start career oriented education,” Mr Padmajan said.

Established in 2004, Archives Constructions Pvt Ltd is now enjoying an envied reputation for being the Design and Construction professionals. Most of the projects of the company are centred around Cochin, the Kerala's cosmopolitan city and commercial capital. Archives and Creations, a reputed construction company based in Thiruvananthapuram, with a proven record of executed landmark projects exceeding over 2 million sq.ft of residential villas, apartments, commercial complex's all over Kerala jointly promotes their new venture “Archives Vicenza”.

The company has a long experience in the construction of residential as well as commercial projects. So, Mr Padmajan is speaking on the basis of his long experience in business. Before being a part of Archives Constructions, he was associating with a seafood exporting company. He told that the job seekers in his generation has committed to the work and ready to research on the subject to deliver the best. But that kind of dedication is lacking in the present generation of job seekers. “There are lots of engineers, Accountants, managers, MBA professionals, office administrators, etc. But who is the right person is the question,” he said.

We are inviting the opinions of the readers regarding the problem Mr Padmajan has pointed out. Do write to us at: editor@therealbiznews.com

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-By Jessy Shibu

Associate Editor



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